Build a Team That Lasts

We Know Recruiting Isn't Easy

Doing it right requires an investment of time and skill that many businesses can’t afford to make. The result is either stagnated growth, or poor hiring - neither of which contributes to your success.

Our seasoned advisors will help you navigate this competitive market to find the tech talent of your dreams. Think of us as an extension of your team - only we won’t ever break the coffee machine, or misspell your name in an email.

How it Works



Qualified Talent at Your Fingertips

The talent on our platform is hand-picked by some of Toronto's best technology recruiters. In many cases, we have long-standing relationships with the talent we represent. We've watched them grow, and we recognize their potential.

Filter talent per your specific requirements or browse recently added profiles.



Get to Know the Person, Not the Resume

Never have a bad interview again. Get to know candidates before you engage them. Anonymous profiles include a preview to the interview to showcase passion, potential, and motivation in order for you to assess cultural fit.

Why anonymous? Get in touch and we'll convince you it's the way to go.



Engage Candidates with the Click of a Button

When you find a candidate that intrigues you, simply send an invitation to interview. You provide the relevant details, and the candidate will review your Company Profile and decide if they're a good fit for your company.

After that, we'll coordinate interviews, relay feedback, and even present an offer if you'd like.

Can I use Culture+Purpose with other recruiting services?

Culture+Purpose can be your sole source of talent or serve as a complement to you recruiter(s). It's an easy way to quickly add a candidate to a shortlist and a great way to make a more informed hiring decision. Best of all, there's little to no delay - if you see a suitable candidate, the two of you can connect in 24 hours.

Why should I use Culture+Purpose over another talent marketplace service?

The best recruiting solution for you is the one that brings you the most suitable talent on an affordable cost-effective basis. Our model is the product of thousands of conversations with people at the top of their field. They told us how they like to be recruited and we built accordingly. We offer them career advice and exposure, and make sure that every interview is a good investment of time - for all parties.

What kind of companies should shop for talent on Culture+Purpose?

Culture+Purpose is designed for companies with a need for technology talent. Specifically, we want to level the playing field for Canadian SMBs - our pricing was determined with the budget needs of smaller businesses in mind. Our goal is to maximize the great Canadian career options available to job hunters.

What type of candidates use Culture+Purpose?

Our Talent Advisors and recruiting partners handpick and invite professionals from the upper-quartile of Toronto talent in software engineering, project and product management, devops and administration, as well as design and UX.