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There's one thing that stands between you and the unique career you envision: the job hunting process. Most job postings tell you too little, the application forms ask for too much, and interviewing steals your time and maybe even your dignity. Whether you’re looking to reinvent yourself or simply advance your career, Culture+Purpose is recruiting re-engineered. Employers come to you. Your profile is anonymous. The playing field is level and you control who gets to know you.

We're advocates for the pursuit of career happiness and personal growth. As Canada's first curated talent marketplace we help you showcase your hopes, goals and resume - in that order. The execs and leaders you'll meet here are building companies that stand on a foundation of personal values, character, and beliefs. You won't find job postings or application forms here, but you will start meaningful relationships. Work with us and you'll be looking forward to Mondays, even before you've had your coffee.

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How It Works

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1. Create Your Profile

Build a profile to tell the world what makes you tick, where you've been, and the future you want. Once you're ready, our Talent Advisors will work with you to put your best foot forward.

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2. Compare and Contrast

We'll showcase your profile to the best tech employers in the Greater Toronto Area. Your profile is anonymous until you reveal your identity.

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3. Sign an Offer

If you’re really good, and we know you are, you’ll get multiple offers. Pick the one that best suits your career goals and you're on your way.

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